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Resumo Expandido

Batmen Beyond: natural 3D manipulation with the BatWand

Autor: Eduardo Zilles Borba, Andre Rodrigues, Olavo Belloc, Mario Nagamura, Marcelo Zuffo
Modalidade: Resumo expandido em congresso internacional (3DUI Symposium)
Local: Los Angeles (Estados Unidos)

Abstract: in this work we present an interactive 3D object manipulation system using off the shelf mobile devices coupled with Augmented Reality (AR) technology that allows editing 3D objects by way of natural interactions based on tangible interfaces paradigms. The set-up consists of a mobile device, an interactive wand marker and AR markers laid on a table. The system allows users to change viewpoint and execute operations on 3D objects - simultaneous translation and rotation, scaling, cloning or deleting - by unconstrained natural interactions, leveraging user’s proficiency on daily object manipulation tasks and speeding up such typical 3D manipulation operations. Depth perception was significantly enhanced with dynamic shadows, allowing fast alignment and accurate positioning of objects. The prototype presented here allows successful completion of the three challenges proposed by the 2017 3DUI Contest, as validated by a preliminary informal user study with participants from the target audience and also from the general public.

Vídeo demonstrativo da pesquisa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiOUlQpPGh8