Virtual Excavations: Using Immersive Technologies to Visualize and Interact with Itapeva´s Archaeological Sites

Abstract: This work demonstrates the methodological approach we applied to develop a fully immersive and interactive virtual environment that simulates Itapeva’s archaeological site, in Brazil. To create a realistic 3D demo, which would be relevant for research through a cyber-archaeology exploration, specific technological equipment to collect data were used, such as: laser scanner and image-based modeling. In consequence, data acquisition from these apparatus generated a huge density point clouds, requiring a many gigabytes computer storage and a research work to simplify the information in a user’s friendly virtual model. Also, to provide an immersive feeling when exploring the virtual reality we allow users to navigate through the scene using 3D input devices and head-mounted display to visualize the aesthetical and spatial elements. In resume, through a sophisticated digital simulation environment we created a telepresence sense where archaeologists can explore landscapes and its objects through a not destructive way.

Vídeo demonstrativo da pesquisa:

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